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Recharge Rx is here to serve you for all of your pharmaceutical needs!
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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the Pharmacy at 352-364-4480

About Recharge Compounding Pharmacy

Recharge Rx is a privately owned family-run compounding pharmacy. Through Recharge Clinic, we saw the need for tailored compounded prescriptions that were better suited to treat our patients. We are excited to open our door not only to Recharge patients but to the entire community. Recharge branded companies are top-tier, which means they will provide customer service and products that are nothing less than exceptional. Learn more about Recharge RX in the links below.

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A compounding pharmacy like Recharge Rx creates medications that you can find at a normal pharmacy but also can make customized doses of medications for patients with unique needs.
Compounded medications include but are not limited to injectables, capsules, creams, serums, pills, lozenges, gels, and suppositories.
Medications can be sent to Recharge Rx if there are unique needs such as allergies, doses, or patient preference. If patients can’t take pills, have a dose that normal pharmacies don’t provide, or have allergies to certain dyes.
Patients have three options to get their prescriptions filled. You can call our pharmacy, text us, or submit a refill request on our patient portal.
You can pick up your prescriptions from any one of our locations.
If you don’t live in Ocala that is just fine, we can still fill your prescriptions! Your provider can fax or call in whatever prescription you need. Once your medication is filled we can ship it directly to your door!
No. All of Dr. Tieche’s patients have the access to getting prescriptions from Recharge Rx but so do outside patients. Physician’s can send their patients prescriptions to be made and filled at Recharge Rx.
Recharge Rx does not process insurance. However, we can give you a receipt to submit to your insurance.
We have three Pharmacists who will be making your medications.
Absolutely! Although we make a lot of medications we still fill commercial medications to help with headaches, sinuses, pain, and more.
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June 15, 2022
Recharge Rx Recharge Rx is a distinguished private compounding pharmacy in the heart of North Central Florida, here to serve you for all of your pharmaceutical needs! A compounding pharmacy makes custom formulations of medications tailored to fit the unique needs of a patient that can’t be met with what is commercially available. Recharge Rx […]
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